Learn how to stop violence before it starts.


Shift to Learn is learning modules for organizations working towards reducing family and sexual violence.

As an organization, practitioner, funder or policy-maker, who is working towards reducing family and sexual violence, you see the impacts of violence in the community. Find out more.

You are helping those who’ve experienced violence through interventions, but without addressing root causes, communities continue to experience violence.

You’ve heard that primary prevention can address problems before they arise, that violence can be stopped before it happens. Shift to Learn – the only online platform that offers courses of its kind – provides the knowledge and evidence for practical guidance on how to address the root causes of violence, reduce its potential, and ease the burden on early intervention and crisis response.

*Join organizations like Alberta Health Services, Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services, and learn how to help create a violence-free future now. Read testimonials.

Go deeper with other modules in the SHIFT TO LEARN platform:

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