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Breaking Barriers Together: A Guide to Engaging Men in Gender-Based Violence Prevention

This module provides a strong case on why it is important to engage and mobilize men in gender-based violence prevention. It also highlights key barriers impeding men’s participation while also offering 13 pragmatic tips to overcome these challenges, with an emphasis on the importance of framing calls to action that are strength-based. This module was developed to support practitioners, policy makers and advocates who want to learn how to engage men in their violence prevention efforts. It will be of interest to people getting started in their work with men and want to apply research-based practices to their approach.

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Stopping Violence Before It Starts: Why Primary Prevention Matters

This module aims to provide participants with foundational knowledge on primary prevention. Using Alberta as a case example, participants will learn about the concept and value of primary prevention, the prevalence, cost, and complexity of domestic and sexual violence, along with dominant theories and approaches related to how we have been addressing and preventing domestic and sexual violence. Whether you are a policy maker, a leader or practitioner who works in the anti-violence movement or a student who is interested in how we can stop violence before it starts, this module will increase your capacity to take part in prevention efforts.

understanding public policy

Understanding How Public Policy Can Advance Primary Prevention Efforts

This module focuses on the importance of public policy and why it is essential to use a human rights and social justice approach when developing policies to prevent domestic and sexual violence. Participants will learn about the stages of the public policy process while learning how public and social policies can stop the perpetration of violence before it starts. While we use Alberta as a case study, this module is for anyone who is interested in learning more about how to engage in and influence public policy to advance violence prevention.

undertanding root causes

Going Upstream: Understanding Root Causes That Stop The Perpetration of Violence Before It Starts

This module advances participants’ understanding of the root causes of domestic and sexual violence. Participants learn different strategies on how they can focus their time and advocacy efforts on addressing risk factors for violence. Using the work in Alberta as a case example, the module provides tools and resources that can be effectively applied anywhere in the world.

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Changing Us First, to Change the Root Causes of Violence

This module supports participants to engage in a transformational learning process so that they can effectively advocate for violence prevention. Activities and tools are offered throughout the module to support participants to integrate transformational learning approaches with others so, together, we can stop violence before it starts.


Shifting Our Perspectives: Understanding and Tackling the Mental Models that Create Tensions in Our Primary Prevention Efforts

This module aims to help participants better understand four mental models that are getting in the way of our efforts to stop violence before it starts. Participants will learn how to examine our specific thought processes that are getting in the way of prevention efforts and how we can shift our perspective to move upstream to prevent violence before it starts.


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