The effectiveness of our efforts to prevent domestic and sexual violence relies on the size and competence of the primary prevention workforce, as well as our ability to innovate, design, develop, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate primary prevention initiatives to understand impact and change. As a result, Shift to Learn is focused on building a skilled primary prevention workforce that can stop violence before it happens.

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Powered by academic and community driven research, our online learning platform is dedicated to enhancing the capacities of leaders and practitioners in advancing primary prevention efforts to stop the perpetration of violence. We help you and your team to acquire knowledge and capacities to create the social conditions that prevent violence and build equitable communities.

Shift to Learn currently offers a comprehensive set of five online modules designed to advance a shared understanding of primary prevention, the root causes and drivers of the perpetration of violence, the purpose and role of violence prevention policies and legislation, and how organizations and individuals can disrupt violence and discrimination in their own spheres of influence.

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Discover the Alberta Primary Prevention Playbook, a transformative resource developed by Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence at the University of Calgary. Our collaboration with this esteemed ‘research to action’ hub enables us to provide you with comprehensive support in harnessing the power of primary prevention, regardless of your geographical location.

Enroll in our online learning courses now to acquire the essential knowledge and skills that will empower you to effectively engage in efforts to stop violence before it starts within your spheres of influence. Drive impactful change by taking the next step towards personal and professional growth.

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In addition to our online modules, we collaborate directly with system leaders, organizations and networks to develop tailored capacity building opportunities that address their specific needs to advance gender equity and violence prevention. Our goal is to support the creation of an exemplar prevention workforce across various regions, governments, and organizations within the anti-violence sector. We are open to discussing any ideas on how we can work together to achieve this objective. Contact us to discuss customized training programs for your team.

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Sexual violence services have long been committed to prevention education and shifting social norms in the effort to help stop sexual violence before it starts.  The Shift to Learn E-Learning Modules are a resource for research informed training and professional development that helps to ground and re-orient us in the concepts of primary prevention and the root causes and drivers of violence, while providing us with some insight and tools for examining power, privilege and how we see the world emotionally, socially, and politically.

Corinne Ofstie
Co-CEO of Strategic Initiatives, Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services

Domestic violence prevention is a new content area for myself and I found the self-paced modules easy to navigate while also being engaging and thought provoking. It further built upon my foundational understandings and guided me to more self-directed learning with the resources that were provided. I found much value in the Going Upstream: Understanding Root Causes that Stop Violence Before It Starts - Shift to Learn and Understanding Public Policy to Support a Primary Prevention Framework - Shift to Learn modules and plan to recommend the series of modules to colleagues and partners. Again thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to continuing my learning in this area.

Provincial Injury Prevention, Population and Public Health, Alberta Health Services

I completed all five modules and enjoyed my engagement with each module. I strongly recommend Module: Changing Us First, To Change The Root Causes Of Violence, which is truly an eye opener for conceptualizing privilege and awakening us to understand where we, our clients and our community could lie. The modules could be a starting point and, of course, not late if we want to contribute to the primary prevention of domestic or sexual violence. The modules will prepare us to learn, think and act critically in the primary prevention of domestic or sexual violence. The modules guided me holistically and inspired me further to contribute to the field. I appreciate everyone facilitating this module and helping me navigate the domestic violence prevention efforts. I am glad I did not wait a second to explore the courses.

Provincial Injury Prevention, Population and Public Health, Alberta Health Services

Whether you are a leader or practitioner who works in the anti-violence movement or a student who is interested in how we can stop violence before it starts, our 30-min online courses are for you. Enroll in one of our online courses and unlock primary prevention. → Get started here

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Thank you to the Silver Gummy Foundation for funding the development of our first five eLearning modules to advance primary prevention in Canada and beyond, and to the IMPACT collective for supporting the design of the modules. Shift to Learn is proud to empower IMPACT members to get engaged in primary prevention efforts by building capacities to create the social conditions that can stop domestic and sexual violence before it starts.

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